A New Chapter

As you may have noticed, I haven't updated Home Sweet Habitat in a long while. A lot of life happened between then and now, and you deserve an explanation.

A Whole Lot of Life:

On April 20, Bekah and I participated in the Whole Earth & Watershed Festival at Redding City Hall. To prepare for this, I meticulously researched and compiled a list of 10 ways to improve backyard habitat. The weeks leading up to the festival were filled with book-writing rather than blog-writing efforts.

At that point, the plan was to hit the blog hard again, but an opportunity to go to graduate school presented itself rather abruptly. Starting August 26th, I will be attending Chico State University to earn my M.S. in Botany. I was excited to get started, and in fact have already begun drafting my research proposal to hit the ground running. My post-April 20 hiatus is related to those efforts.

Where do We Go from Here?

As I will be in school, working part time, and commuting quite a distance, my free time for rigorous research has shrunk to zero. Still, I am committed to Home Sweet Habitat, and I hope you are too. For the next two years, Home Sweet Habitat will have to exist in a different form. During school breaks, I will still be able to generate some great content to help you make your house a home, and your property a sanctuary. In the remaining time, I will use my 90-minute commute the best way I can to serve you: podcasts.

A Home Sweet Habitat Podcast:

I intend on recording a weekly topical podcast as I drive home from Chico. By necessity, these podcasts will not be heavily researched; I will be relying on memories from field experience, as well as past and current coursework. That said, know that things will not be cited meticulously as I may not remember where I got the information from. For my sake, if I say anything that seems out of place, feel free to comment on it and I can address it in a future podcast.

A few topics I hope to elaborate on include: "green" energy sources; hunting's place in wildlife maintenance; how cannabis affects habitat; how to behave in national parks; and anything else that comes to mind. Be sure to comment on this site and make suggestions if you have a great idea!

A Parting Gift:

Since Home Sweet Habitat took such a large break, I wanted to make it up to you the best way I can. I am making my E-book "8 Ways to Improve Backyard Habitat" available for free. Just click here!

Til Next time!