Our Team

Jacob Ewald, Chief Ecological Officer

Jacob has had an interest in wildlife since he was a young child. An encounter with an unusually friendly Swell Shark on Catalina Island and a trip to the Costa Rican rainforest left Jacob changed. These experiences ignited an unquenchable passion within him to study the natural areas of the world. Jacob earned his Bachelor of Science in Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology from UC Davis in 2015 and followed up with a certificate in Geographic Information Systems from UC San Diego in 2017. Along the way, Jacob has hooted with Spotted Owls, ticked off a nesting Northern Goshawk, UFO’d some Wood Ducks, snuck up on Black Bears (on accident!), combatted Sea Turtle poaching, and kayak-raced Giant Garter Snakes. Despite falling into a few ponds and getting a few vehicles stuck, Jacob has had a blast in this line of work. He will gladly earn a few scrapes and bruises as he generates content to empower Habitat Engineers.

Rebekah Ewald, Chief Design Officer

Rebekah is an accountant by trade but a designer at heart. She has transformed the Ewald household from a small, cramped duplex unit into a stylish abode on a shoestring budget. This matters in habitat engineering because unlike Jacob, Rebekah recognizes that some plants and animals look better than others in your yard, and some look better together than others. Seriously, normal people know that spiders aren’t cute, right? Rebekah is excited to use her design eye to make your functional habitat double as a functional living space. Rebekah earned her Bachelor of Science in Statistics from UC Davis in 2015, and she followed up with her CPA license in 2018.